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Message the Chairman

In the past ten years, we have been committed to providing high quality reasonable price PCB products to China the world market. We rely on technological innovation equipment upgrades to continuously reduce costs, improve quality, create greater value for employees, customers partners, win their trust-this is the source of our sustainable development.

We have introduced a number of internationally advanced production equipment, have reserved a group of R & D personnel with professional knowledge of universities high salary to ensure that the products leave the factory with "zero defects". We will continue to take advantage of the geopolitical advantages of the Pearl River Delta industry, leverage the huge domestic demand market the international comparative competitiveness of the overall competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, focus on the PCB manufacturing industry, provide low-cost high-quality professional manufacturing for international information product manufacturers service. We hope to provide customers with low-cost high-quality products by virtue of strong technological innovation technological upgrade.

Here, on behalf of all employees of Xiechang Electronics, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to customers at home abroad. Thank you for your love, trust support for Xiechang Electronics. Xiechang people are always grateful adhere to the service concept of "symbiosis common prosperity", continue to develop enterprises, serve customers, work with customers at home abroad to push the world's high-tech industry to the pinnacle of success.