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operation performance of pcb board

2019-12-30 17:36:47

In the current society, people are beginning to pay attention to safety issues. In order to be safe, people need to install some protective measures such as security. Nowadays, many homes companies have applied intelligent door panels, the intelligent door panels are mainly made of pcb boards. How do smart boards made of pcb boards operate? Friends can learn through this article.


pcb sheet—pcb sheet operation method

Intelligent electronic lock motherboard wiring method: 2 beeps-a correct prompt, indicating that it is a setting card, 3 beeps-the door lock has been unlocked. Solution: Use a card that can unlock unlock the lock. 6 beeps--the room number is incorrect. Solution: Set the room number of the door lock. 7 sounds-the card has expired, the solution: set the clock for the door lock. 8 beeps-The guest card is covered by the guest card behind restricted by the check-out card. The solution: swipe the authorization card swipe the check-out card again. 9 beeps--The card has been reported lost, that is, it has entered the blacklist. 10 beeps--the authorization code of the authorization card is invalid. The solution: twist the mechanical key. 11 beeps--the building number floor number of the floor card is invalid. The solution is to set the room number. 12 beeps--The employee card is covered by the rear card. The solution: swipe the authorization card.

This is the normal basic operation of the smart electronic lock motherboard. Only when the programs of the smart lock motherboard are installed set correctly can they be used normally, they will enter an intelligent mode function. When you swipe the clock card at that time, you can control the guests' check-in time. When the guest's house expires, the room card is automatically invalidated, which effectively prevents guests defaulting on rent.

2. Can set multiple function cards: such as master card, building card, authorization card, floor card, check-out card

pcb board—pcb board circuit board performance characteristics, guest card, etc., effectively control time room number, once the customer room number is seated, false lock alarm function: when the guest opens the door, the door is completely locked, this time The circuit board will issue a long “drop” alarm function to remind guests to close the door.

3. The function of querying the door opening record: only need to equip another acquisition instrument to collect who has opened the door. Report loss function: can be divided into single card report loss one model card all report loss at one time

The scientific development is rapid, more more intelligent products appear in people's vision, the intelligent door panel is one of them. Smart circuit board is made of pcb board. As the core equipment, pcb board's role is indeed inestimable. I have introduced the use operation knowledge of the circuit board to everyone, I believe that everyone has seen it after reading it. Double-sided multilayer circuit board

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