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Harm of PCB circuit board deformation

2019-12-31 15:31:07

On the automated surface mount line, if the circuit board is uneven, it will cause inaccurate positioning. Components cannot be inserted mounted on the board holes surface mount pads, some may even damage the automatic placement machine. . The circuit board on which the components are mounted is bent after soldering, the component legs are difficult to cut flat neat. The board cannot be installed on the chassis the socket in the machine, so it is also very troublesome for the assembly plant to encounter the board. The current surface mount technology is developing in the direction of high precision, high speed intelligence, which puts forward higher flatness requirements for PCB boards as homes of various components.


The IPC standard specifically states that the allowable large deformation of PCB boards with surface mount devices is 0.75%, the allowable large deformation of PCB boards without surface mount is 1.5%. In fact, in order to meet the requirements of high-precision high-speed placement, some electronic assembly manufacturers have stricter requirements on the amount of deformation. For example, our company has multiple customers who require a large amount of deformation of 0.5%, even some customers require 0.3%.

The PCB is composed of copper foil, resin, glass cloth, other materials. The physical chemical properties of each material are different. After compression, the thermal stress will inevitably remain cause deformation. At the same time, during the processing of PCB, it will go through various processes such as high temperature, mechanical cutting, wet processing. It will also have an important impact on board deformation. In short, the reasons that can cause PCB board deformation are complex diverse. How to reduce eliminate due to material characteristics Different processing-induced deformation has become one of the most complex problems facing PCB manufacturers. pcb customization

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