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PCB process PK: gold plating vs. gold

2019-12-31 16:08:06

Today I will talk about the difference between immersion gold gold plating on pcb circuit boards. Immersion gold gold plating are often used in PCB circuit boards. Many customers cannot correctly distinguish the difference between them, some customers even think that the two are . There are differences, which is a very wrong point of view must be corrected in a timely manner. So what kind of impact will these two "gold plates" have on the circuit board? Now I will explain it to you in detail, help everyone to understand the concept thoroughly.



The difference between circuit board gold plate:

1. Generally, the thickness of immersion gold is much thicker than that of gold plating. The immersion gold will be golden yellow yellower than gold plating. Customers on the surface will be more satisfied with immersion gold. The crystal structure formed by the two is different.

2. Because the crystal structure formed by immersion gold gold plating is different, immersion gold is easier to weld than gold plating, which will cause poor welding cause customer complaints. At the same time, because immersion gold is softer than gold plating, gold fingerboards are generally gold-plated, hard gold is wear-resistant.

3. There is only nickel-gold on the pad of the immersion gold plate. The signal transmission in the skin effect is that the copper layer will affect the signal.

4. The crystal structure of immersion gold is denser than gold plating, it is easy to produce oxidation.

5. As the wiring becomes denser, the line width spacing have reached 3-4 MIL. Gold plating is prone to short circuit of gold wire. The immersion gold plate only has nickel-gold on the pads, so it will produce a gold wire short circuit.

6. The immersion gold plate has nickel-gold only on the pads, so the combination of solder mask copper layer on the circuit is stronger. The project will affect the spacing when making compensation.

7, generally used for relatively high requirements of the board, the flatness is better, generally use immersion gold, immersion gold generally does appear after assembly of the black pad phenomenon. The flatness standby life of an immersion gold plate are as good as those of a gold plate.

The above is the difference between immersed gold plate gold plated plate. Gold is expensive on the market now. In order to save costs, many manufacturers are no longer willing to produce gold plated plate, they only make nickel plated plate with nickel gold on the pad. A lot cheaper. I hope this introduction can provide you with reference help. pcb customization

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