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How to maintain PCB proofing?

2020-01-02 09:30:07

PCB proofing has now become a high-paying industry, many good quality low price PCB proofing on the market have a wide range of applicability. Choosing a high quality PCB proofing is the ultimate goal of many consumers. But in addition to choosing a good quality PCB proofing, the maintenance of the PCB proofing is actually more important. But what about PCB proofing?


First, carry out regular cleaning: after long-term use, there will be some accumulation of residues solder on the PCB proofing circuit board, this will bring unpredictable risks to the solder mask, even these residues may directly lead to the soldering surface Corrosion pollution risks, which may cause reliability issues, such as poor solder joints electrical failures, increase the probability of PCB proofing failures. regular cleaning can effectively improve the reliability of PCB proofing in use.

2. Strictly control the service life of each surface treatment, replace the PCB proofing surface processor on time: The most prone problems for electronic products will also occur on PCB proofing. If the service life of each surface treatment is strictly controlled, PCB proofing may cause soldering problems due to metallographic changes on the surface of the old circuit board, if the service life is paid attention to, the protective surface of the PCB proofing may be easily damaged. Causes moisture to enter, which causes problems such as delamination internal circuit breakage during assembly actual use. However, if you pay attention to the life of the surface treatment later, you can effectively improve the solderability of the PCB proofing reduce the risk of moisture intrusion to other internal systems.

Third, use the designated peelable blue glue brand model for maintenance: the use of inferior, cheap peelable glue during the assembly of PCB proofing may appear foaming, melting, cracking solidifying like concrete, so that peelable The glue cannot be peeled off does nothing.

Whatever it is, it can only be used for a longer period of time. This is especially true for electronic products. Only reasonable effective post-maintenance of PCB proofing can make its service life longer smoother in use. It is hoped that those who have purchased a PCB proofing have this need can spend some time carefully read the above three points to make full use of their PCB proofing.

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