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PCB Proofing Layout Setting Tips

2020-01-02 09:37:09

PCB proofing, as a high-precision electronic product component, is already a very common existence in life. However, everyone knows that domestic professional PCB proofing designs need to be set at different points at different stages, large grid points are used for device layout during the layout stage. Let's take a look at the detailed PCB proofing layout setting skills.


In general, all small parts of the PCB proofing should be arranged on the same circuit board, but in the case of too many too dense PCB proofing parts, chip resistors, capacitors, chip ICs, etc. Parts with limited height less heat are placed on the lower level. under the premise of fully guaranteeing the electrical efficiency of PCB proofing, these parts should be placed on a fixed grid so that they are arranged parallel perpendicular to each other to achieve a neat beautiful effect. In short, PCB proofing parts are generally allowed There is overlap. The arrangement of PCB proofing parts should be compact, it should be distributed uniformly densely throughout the layout. Since the PCB proofing is a very small part, the minimum distance between the adjacent pad patterns of different components on the circuit board should be very weak, the mechanical strength that the circuit board can withstand in actual settings.

In the layout design of the PCB proofing, the units of the circuit board should be analyzed, the layout design should be based on the function. When laying out all the components of the circuit, the following principles must be met: arrange the positions of the functional circuit units according to the flow of the circuit, make the layout. Facilitate signal flow keep the signal in the same direction as possible. Centering on the core components of each functional unit, layout around him. The original parts should be arranged uniformly, integrally compactly on the PCB proofing to minimize shorten the leads connections between various components.

The above is the setting technique of PCB proof layout. After we have a basic understanding of the PCB proofing layout setting skills, we can use it better, when it fails, we can know how to check its problems, even solve minor problems by ourselves. Minor problems, no longer need to be professionally sent to a repair shop for repairs.

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