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Why do we need special treatment for PCB surface?

2020-01-02 10:00:39

After drawing the PCB, we will send it to the PCB board factory for proofing mass production. When we place an order with the board factory, we will attach a PCB processing process description document, one of which is to indicate which one to choose PCB surface treatment process, different PCB surface treatment processes, it will have a greater impact on the final PCB processing quote, different PCB surface treatment processes will have different charges.


Why special treatment of PCB surface:

Because copper is easily oxidized in the air, the copper oxide layer has a great influence on the soldering, it is easy to form false soldering, virtual soldering. In serious cases, the pads components cannot be soldered. Because of this, PCBs are manufactured When there is a process, a layer of material is coated (plated) on the surface of the pad to protect the pad oxidation.

At present, the PCB surface treatment processes of domestic plate factories include: hot air solder leveling (HASL), immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP (anti-oxidation), chemical immersion gold (ENIG), electroplated gold, etc. Of course, there are some special PCB surface treatment processes for special applications.

Comparing different PCB surface treatment processes, their costs are different. Of course, the occasions used are different. Only the right ones are selected. At present, there is no perfect PCB surface treatment process that can be suitable for all application scenarios. (That is, all PCB application scenarios can be met at low prices), so there are so many processes to let us choose, of course, each process has its own advantages, the existence of both is reasonable, the key is that we must know that they use well they. Circuit board manufacturer

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