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High-end memory characteristics: what is the use of multilayer PCB

2020-01-02 15:00:10

As a DRAMIC that occupies most of the cost of memory, its importance naturally goes without saying. But among the memory's handful of components, PCBs also play an important role in memory performance.

If we pay attention to the details pages of some high-end memories, we often see the saying of 8-layer 10-layer PCB. So what does this 8-layer 10-layer PCB represent? Why does talking about 8 layers even 10 layers mean higher memory materials better performance? Let's peel off the PCB today see what this layer number really means.

PCB, full name PrintedCircuitBoard (printed circuit board), is a printed circuit board similar to the printed circuit board, in fact, the length length of the actual cable into a resin plate metal wiring, greatly reducing the number of wires Use, saving space energy.


We mentioned earlier that the PCB is a printed circuit board similar to the printed method, so common PCBs are bonded together with several layers, each layer has a resin insulating substrate a metal circuit layer.

The most basic PCB is divided into 4 layers. The upper lower layers of the circuit are functional circuits. The most important circuits components are arranged. The middle two layers of the circuit are the ground layer the power layer. This has the advantage of being able to make corrections to the signal lines also better shielding interference.

In general, 4 layers can already meet the normal operation of the PCB, so the so-called 6 layers, 8 layers, 10 layers are actually adding more circuit layers to improve the electrical capacity of the PCB, that is, the ability to withstand pressure. Therefore, the increase in the number of PCB layers means that more circuits can be designed internally.

For memory, when do you need to increase the number of PCB layers? According to the above, it is obvious that the PCB is too strong too high. When is the voltage current of the memory PCB the strongest? Players who have played overclocking will know that if the memory is to achieve better performance, it must be pressurized to increase the operating frequency. Therefore, it is difficult to conclude: when the memory can be used at high frequency overclocking.

At present, the high-end memory frequency generally starts at 3600MHz. In order to ensure safety electrical stability, 8-layer PCBs are basically standard, some even reach 10 layers. In the same layout of the PCB, the performance difference brought by the 8-layer 10-layer PCB can be ignored by ordinary ordinary users, but for professional overclockers, the latter allows them to achieve higher frequencies. pcb customization

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