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Characteristics classification of PCB

2020-01-08 10:51:53

PCB features are high density, high reliability, designability, manufacturability, assemblability maintainability.

Generally speaking, the more complex the functions of electronic products, the longer the loop distance, the greater the number of contact pins, the more layers the PCB requires, such as high-end consumer electronics, information communication products; etc. In curved products: such as notebook computers, cameras, car meters, etc. PCB classification is divided according to the number of layers, which can be divided into single-sided board (SSB), double-sided board (DSB), multilayer board (MLB); according to softness, it can be divided into rigid printed circuit board (RPC) flexible printed circuit Board (FPC). In the industry research, the PCB industry is generally subdivided into six major subdivisions, such as single panel, double panel, conventional multilayer board, flexible board, HDI (high density sintering) board, packaging substrate, according to the basic classification of the above PCB products industry.


The upstream industry of PCB includes the raw material supplier of PCB substrate the supplier of PCB production equipment. The downstream industry includes consumer electronics, computer peripheral products, automobile industry mobile phone industry. According to the industrial chain, it can be divided into raw materials-copper clad laminates-printed circuit boards-electronic product applications. The specific analysis is as follows:

Glass fiber cloth: Glass fiber cloth is one of the raw materials of copper clad laminates, which are woven glass fiber yarns, accounting for about 40% (thick) 25% (thin) of the cost of copper clad laminates. Glass fiber yarns are calcined in a kiln into a liquid state by using raw materials such as silica sand. They are drawn into ultra-fine glass fibers through extremely small alloy nozzles, then hundreds of glass fibers are entangled into glass fiber yarns.

Copper foil: Copper foil is a raw material that accounts for a large proportion of the cost of copper-clad laminates, accounting for about 30% (thick) 50% (thin) of the cost of copper-clad laminates. Therefore, the price increase of copper foil is the main driving force .

Copper-clad laminate: Copper-clad laminate is the product of pressing glass fiber cloth copper foil together with epoxy resin as a fusion agent. It is the direct raw material of PCB. It is made into a printed circuit after etching, electroplating, lamination of multilayer boards. board. Double-sided multilayer circuit board

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