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PCB manufacturing principle

2020-01-08 11:17:35

PCB is short for Printed Circuit Board (ie Printed Circuit Board). Also called printed circuit board, printed circuit board, because it is made by electronic printing, it is called "printed" circuit board. A printed circuit board is a substrate for assembling electronic parts, is a printed board that is formed on a general-purpose base material to form dot connections printed components according to a predetermined design. The main function of this product is to make various electronic components form a predetermined circuit connection, to play the role of relay transmission. It is the key electronic interconnection of electronic products, is known as the "mother of electronic products". The PCB is used as the substrate key interconnects for electronic parts. Any electronic device product must be equipped.


PCB manufacturing principle

When we open the disk of a general-purpose computer, we can see a soft film (flexible insulating substrate), printed with silver-white (silver paste) conductive patterns fitness patterns. Because this pattern is obtained by the common screen miss printing method, we call this printed circuit board a flexible silver paste printed circuit board. the various computer motherboards, graphics cards, network cards, modems, sound cards, printed circuit boards on home appliances we saw in Computer City are different. The substrate used is paper-based (commonly used for single-sided) glass cloth-based (commonly used for double-sided multi-layered), pre-impregnated with phenolic epoxy resin. Made. This kind of circuit board copper clad sheet is called rigid board. After being made into a printed wiring board, we call it a rigid printed wiring board. There is a printed circuit board on one side. We call it a single-sided printed circuit board, a printed circuit board on both sides with printed circuit patterns, then double-sided interconnection through metallization of holes. We call it a double-sided board. If a double-sided printed circuit board is used as an inner layer, two single-sided sides are used as an outer layer, two double-sided sides are used as an inner layer, two single-sided sides are used as an outer layer, the printed circuit board is alternately connected through a positioning system an insulating bonding material, The printed circuit board with conductive patterns interconnected according to design requirements has become a four-layer six-layer printed circuit board, also known as a multilayer printed circuit board. There are now more than 100 layers of practical printed wiring boards.

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