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Judging the quality of PCB board PCB color

2020-01-08 14:09:28

PCB buyers are always confused about the color of the PCB, do know what color of the PCB is the best. Let's talk about the impact of PCB color on its performance today.


First of all, as a printed circuit board, the PCB mainly provides interconnections between electronic components. There is no direct relationship between color performance, the difference in pigments will affect the performance of electrical appliances. The performance of the PCB board is determined by factors such as the materials used (high Q value), wiring design, several layers of boards. However, in the process of washing the PCB, black is the most likely to cause color difference. If the raw materials manufacturing processes used by the PCB factory are slightly different, the PCB defect rate will increase due to the color difference. This directly results in increased production costs.

In fact, the raw materials of PCB are everywhere in our daily life, that is, glass fiber resin. Glass fiber resin are combined hardened into a heat-insulating, insulating, easily bent board. This is the PCB substrate. Of course, the PCB substrate made of glass fiber resin alone cannot transmit signals, so on the PCB substrate, the manufacturer will cover the surface with a layer of copper, so the PCB substrate can also be called a copper-clad substrate.

Because the black PCB circuit traces are difficult to identify, it will increase the difficulty of maintenance debugging in the R & D after-sales stages. Generally, if there is no strong RD (R & D) designer a strong maintenance team, the black PCB will be easily used of. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand's confidence in the RD design post-maintenance team. the side, it is also a manifestation of the manufacturer's confidence in its own strength.

Based on the above reasons, major manufacturers will give careful consideration when choosing a PCB design for their products. Therefore, most of the products with large market shipments in that year used red PCB, green PCB blue PCB. Black PCBs can only be seen on high-end high-end flagship products, so customers should think black PCB is better than green PCB.

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